Everyone says that it’s all in my head / and I can’t accept it yet

- With You - Ghost (2011)

posted 8 months ago

Julie Hanson and Michael Shawn Lewis at a Broadway Event

photo by Broadway dot com

quite literally what I did.

posted 2 years ago

Julie Hanson back in June 2010 when she was doing a small stint in Phantom covering the Hannibal Princess/Mirror Bride track while Susan Owen was away. I met her and died and did my best not to squeal like a retard. She’s absolutely fucking adorable.

We actually had a conversation with Sara Lewis from the ensemble about how “OMG! You’re left handed?! That is just way too cute.”

See? Even her co-workers in the show think she’s the most adorable thing on two legs.

I just cut out the rest of the photo, mainly where I’m grinning like an idiot.

I’m not allowed to make a gif ever again. >_> (Julie hanson—y u so cute?)


Julie Hanson - Phantom of the Opera

Julie Hanson and Sara Jean Ford as Christine Daae

Don’t mind me. I’m just a fangirl.

Julie Hanson as Christine Daaé

posted 2 years ago